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Reunions and Gatherings:

Holy Cross Fraternity Regular Monthly Reunions: Our fraternity reunions are regularly held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 12:30 – 2:30 PM.  We gather at Saint Joseph of the Panther Valley Parish in the Reverend James J. Burdess Social Hall, 462 W. Ludlow St. Summit Hill, PA 18250. 

Holy Cross Council Meetings: The Council of the Holy Cross Fraternity gathers each 2nd Saturday of the month.  We gather at 9:00 – 10:00 AM at Saint Joseph of the Panther Valley Parish in the Reverend James J. Burdess Social Hall, 462 W. Ludlow St. Summit Hill, PA 18250, to pray and seek how best to animate and guide the fraternity on its Franciscan journey of faith.

Initial Formation: The Holy Cross Fraternity Initial Formation gatherings are held as posted below.  For more information about joining the Secular Order please contact us:  Formation by clicking on the link.

Orientation Gatherings – To Be Announced

Inquiry Gathering – Holy Cross Fraternity Inquiry gathering is each 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:15 – Noon at Saint Joseph of the Panther Valley Parish in the Reverend James J. Burdess Social Hall, 462 W. Ludlow St. Summit Hill, PA 18250, to study and seek the Franciscan journey of faith.

Candidacy Gathering – To be Announced

Click here for a map Link for Saint Joseph of the Panther Valley Parish in the Reverend James J. Burdess Social Hall, 462 W. Ludlow St. Summit Hill, PA 18250.



The Holy Cross Fraternity is committed to the concepts and mandate of the Franciscan Chrism of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation the list below shows some of the local ministries we support.



The Saint Vincent de Paul Society relies on donations from parish families, members of the community, the Salvation Army, and other local organizations to help those in need.

For more info Click Link:


Peaceful Knights is a not-for-profit corporation formed to help those in need to have temporary, safe shelter and access to local organizations that provide assistance.  We are assisting by working within our local communities to collect various items that are needed to support the ministry. 

For more info Click Link: Peaceful Knights


The mission of Family Promise of Carbon County is to provide temporary shelter, meals and friendship in order to meet the needs of families without permanent housing in Carbon County. Families will be educated, encouraged and empowered to be more self-reliant by support of faith community and other local services. 

For more info Click Link: Family Promise


Servants to All seeks to create a vibrant, unified community by promoting the integral development and dignity of each of its member, especially the poor, homeless, and elderly in Schuylkill County. Our efforts concentrate on implementing programs which build partnerships, create community involvement, and ensure lasting resettlement of homeless families and individuals. The programs are structured to strengthen an individual’s internal mechanisms related to positive life choices in order to build bridges to sustainable independence. We believe every person has a God-given ability to benefit their community, and we offer support to identify, strengthen, and fully utilize these abilities. 

For more info Click Link:  Servants to all


Faith Alliance is managed by Conventual Franciscan Friars at the Franciscan Center in Shamokin.  It is a Franciscan based organization.

For more info Click Link:


 Care Net of Carbon County is a 501(c)3 organization that is fully funded by private donations from individuals and churches.  With the exception of our director, associate director, administrative assistants, and store manager, all of our staff are volunteers. Due to the recent growth, we have experienced, we prefer that clients make an appointment but anyone is welcome to walk in at any time. On an average week we will see 25 to 40 clients, while still having a waiting list. In addition to our daily appointments, there are groups that meet on a regular basis during the week. We are currently offering anger management, parenting, and couples’ classes, as well as a group for teen girls.  In our county, we have many “at-risk” young people, who don’t have positive role models or haven’t been taught life skills. Care Net is filling a definite void. We offer many different educational programs providing accurate information on pregnancy, fetal development, the options associated with pregnancy (parenting, adoption, or abortion), life skills, relationship issues, as well as much more. We also offer some tangible assistance such as free pregnancy test, baby clothing, baby furniture, diapers and formula.   

For more info Click Link:


The Carbon County Environmental Center does incredible work to support the environment and environmental education.  You can see what they do in the link below.  Remember, think Globally, Act Locally! 

For more info Click Link:


Carbon County Friends of Animals is a non-profit organization which advocates the elimination of animal suffering through sheltering and finding homes for unwanted pets. We also promote low-cost spaying and neutering, and provide educational outreach concerning the welfare of pets. We are a privately run organization, founded in 1998 from a direct need to shelter unwanted cats within our county. Although Carbon County is part of our organization name, we do NOT receive any funding from the county or any other government agency.

For more info Click Link:

Corner of Hope – Shamokin

Since August 2010, PCC Corner of Hope (formerly Pregnancy Care Center of Shamokin, PA) has been helping individuals and couples coping with challenges like unplanned pregnancies and providing peace of mind to new parents with parenting tips and training.

With the help of local families, churches, and other organizations, the family resource center has become one of the most trusted pregnancy centers in the area. Our compassionate volunteers and staff members offer a comforting voice with every call and familial support to every person who walks through our door, because we know just how lonely this road can be.

For more info click the link:

Catholic World Mission

Catholic World Mission works to spread the message of the Church and rebuild communities worldwide. We are the hands, feet, and eyes of Christ to impoverished children and families. We are passionate about our work for the physically, spiritually, and intellectually poor. We support the work of priests, religious, missionaries, and lay people working to make a difference in the lives of others, materially and spiritually. We take seriously Jesus’ admonition that “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me” (Mt 25:40), and we stand in the gap between the poor of the world and our generous donors, making a way for Jesus to be better known to the poorest of the poor and to the benefactors who give so selflessly where the need is greatest.

For more information click the link:

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